Spiritual Healing

Michael Ginsberg has had 3 profoundly powerful Spiritual Masters. That served his heart to awaken to real God.

Michael has been Divinely inspired to create.  A special and serviceful spiritual healing treatment with the Shakti, spirit current. He has named it, Walking Down The Light. In the Healing Garden.

He assists human beings in their personal transformations.

He helps them get in touch with their true self, Michael helps people to energetically open, getting them divinely connected to the source energy of all things.

Giving them mental and spiritual clarity.

Michael Ginsberg

Unhealthy Patterns and Suffering

Michael Ginsberg was interviewed on July 16, 2019 on the Channeling Erik radio show.

Importance of Breath Therapy

Michael Ginsberg was interviewed on November 5, 2019 on the Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show.

New Realities

Michael Ginsberg was interviewed on June 22, 2019 by Alan Steinfeld on the New Realities radio show.

Michael can assists you in your personal transformations. Let Michael help you get in touch with your  true self.

Spiritual Healing with Michael

Book a reading with Michael so that he may assist you in your personal spiritual healing transformations.