Since 1993

Spiritual Healing

Michael Ginsberg has had 3 profoundly powerful Spiritual Masters. That served his heart to awaken to real God.

Michael has been Divinely inspired to create.  A special and serviceful spiritual healing treatment with the Shakti, spirit current. He has named it, Walking Down The Light. In the Healing Garden.

He assists human beings in their personal transformations.

He helps them get in touch with their true self, Michael helps people to energetically open, getting them divinely connected to the source energy of all things.

Giving them mental and spiritual clarity.


Unhealthy Patterns and Suffering

Michael Ginsberg was interviewed on July 16, 2019 on the Channeling Erik radio show.

Importance of Breath Therapy

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New Realities

Michael Ginsberg was interviewed on June 22, 2019 by Alan Steinfeld on the New Realities radio show.

Michael can assists you in your personal transformations. Let Michael help you get in touch with your  true self.

Spiritual Healing with Michael

Book a reading with Michael so that he may assist you in your personal spiritual healing transformations.


Dearest Michael,

I hope that you are well and thank you so much for allowing me to read for you. I don't know if other's have stolen your ideas or have passed them off as theirs. I feel like you are a very private soul and gentle soul who does care about life on earth, animals and just wanting to spread a message of love. With your book it will have success but I do get money is on it's way from this effort you are putting forth. So I do say judging by what spirit provided me is that you will have success with this. Word of mouth but also it going through e-commerce etc. I see a female energy who is giving wanting to promote your book, your work and maybe she is a healer too and works in the metaphysical. She will help you in many ways.

I get that you will publish other e-books so there are definitely future books in the works for you. It all depends on yourself and how soon you want them to get out and how much time you have to dedicate to getting them out. I get those that know you closely see your soul and strength. You are admired for others and I pick almost like you have a Shamanic aspect to your soul. Apart from it being an old soul, you have healing abilities that is unique to others. I see you being able to take out the negative in others but also putting good energy back in and you draw this from the atmosphere.

As far as owning a home I do feel like your living situation now will change and you will acquire/buy a small home but I don't know if you are open to mobile home/modular homes. I keep seeing something like a small lot and a modular/mobile home. You will have the money to do this within 2-3 years.

I do see you having more students in the long term. However, I do feel like you might be selective and won't take just on anyone. They have to be committed and serious to improving their life. I also kept hearing of Ayahuasca and working with that modality. So I'm not sure if you have used that or thought of that. You will adopt new ways of healing through prayers, through faith, through herbs.

I do see you and Faithe creating that center and it growing. You will have support and so will she. Others will come forth from other areas to help you create this. It will be a smaller space and I see this starting more outdoors in remote locations but eventually growing and moving forward. You are on the right path and living your life purpose which is to elevate consciousness and also help others tap into their true selves. You are spreading love and light in the world. So you are fulfilling that purpose.

This is my initial reading. If you have any follow up questions you are allowed to ask up to 3 questions.