Our mission is to help people understand that we are eternal beings. I was distraut after my Dad passed away 7 years ago. I now know that the Soul continues on. We just shed the body- which is a shell. We are here to help people heal and help them come to realize their Divinity. It is our birthright to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Michael and I have both manifested many things into our lives. What you focus on expands. God was the ultimate creator and we are part of the Divine. Isn't it time you started taking control and creating the life you were meant to have?? God Bless. Namaste.

Michael Ginsberg

Our Approach


Michael Ginsberg has had  3 profoundly powerful Spiritual Masters.

That served his heart to awaken to real God.

Michael has been Divinely inspired to create.

A special and serviceful spiritual healing treatment with the Shakti, spirit current.

He has named it, Walking Down The Light.

In the Healing Garden.

He assists human  beings in their personal transformations.

He helps them get in touch with their true self, Michael helps people to energetically open, getting them divinely connected to the source energy of all things.

Giving them mental and spiritual clarity.

Which his partner Faithe calls a soul healing. She says, this makes you aware of your emotional patterns, that are holding you back, and keeping you in the loop of suffering.

Our Story

Faithe Hoffner

Our Approach


Hi everyone. My name is Faithe. I have always been fascinated by things Spiritual/Metaphysical. I grew up on a farm in North Dakota. When I was 12 years old, I saw "Jesus" in our Christmas Tree at home. It was only about 20 seconds and then he was gone. He was wearing a creme colored robe and brown sandals. He smiled at me and then he left. It was a beautiful event. I was the only one who saw him. My parents and other 3 siblings did not. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Minot State University. I taught ESL in Korea one year. I have always loved working with children.
In April 2017, I had a Kundalini Awakening. It was quite profound to say the least. I have always been an Intuitive woman, but since that day in April, all of my chakras opened and I have been able to connect quite frequently to the "Spirit Realm." It started with the Channelingerik.com blog, and after a session with a medium from the blog, I was connected with Erik. I have also done 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies. She is a Spirit Plant from the Amazon who is healing people right now on the Planet. She is called "La Medicina." - The Medicine. I also have been channeling Mother Ayahuasca. She is The Madre. Many people are traveling to Peru and Costa Rica to take part in Ceremonies. She is a beautiful Plant Medicine. She is helping people with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc. She basically knows what healing you need. These 3 Ceremonies have changed my life. I am available for sessions as a Medium. I can channel Mother Ayahuasca. She told me she is here to heal the Planet, one soul at a time. We are all one. The ego is what separates us. Thanks for reading this and God Bless you.

Our Story